Delivery Staff

Company Information

SCS's success is based on its ability to identify and understand its clients needs, fulfil and maintain service levels and continuously adapt and develop systems to fulfil all requirements. We have specific areas of strength.
All offices are managed according to set standards, with specific reference to: delivery / collection standards, timeous proof of delivery and exceptional customer relations.

SCS is highly experienced in its field, and is extremely flexible in its ability to adapt to customers' requirements.

  • SCS offers a professional service ensuring prompt response to calls for collections, prompt delivery of shipments and prompt reaction to queries.
  • We offer an extensive range of services.
  • We are flexible in our ability to adapt to customer's requirements, be it collection or delivery times/places or billing procedures.
  • The company is technologically advanced and offers a fully integrated and secure on-line system for transmitting text and data in a secure environment. It monitors the status of any consignment at every stage, from despatch to its ultimate delivery. This PC based system has been centrally developed to allow unlimited expansion in all areas and fields, to ensure their customers constantly receive information in the most modern methods. It is tailor made and flexible and easily adapted to suit all customer requirements.
  • Domestically we offer In-House Ops, which includes full in-house operations, and live track and trace facilities on a door-to-door basis. Transfer of data between client and ourselves.
  • We are totally reliable, honest and dedicated Company.
  • We offer competitive rates.
  • The strength of our company lies in our staff. We believe in the same, and spend 1% of our annual budget on training. We reward our staffs, and in so doing, meet the ongoing needs of our customers.
  • In addition to its employed courier workforce SCS utilises the services of over 100 self employed and trained PDI contractors.