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Social Responsibility

Welcome to the World of Secureway's International Courier Services where we pride ourselves on being, the very best independent provider of the most competitive worldwide delivery solutions the UK, USA, Syria and Afghanistan.

Mission Statement
Our focus is to make a difference in UK and the rest of the world as a whole, by optimising people effectiveness and ensuring behavioural competence. The nature of our business is to grow society, specifically previously disadvantaged groups.

Our policy is to enrich society to assist previously disadvantaged groups and disabled individuals through collaborative support and development programmes. In order to enhance sustained economic and employment opportunities, we strive to assist in successful job placement.

Secureway Courier Services Ltd is committed to nation building and playing its part in the upliftment of its Employees .

Staff advancement, training and development play a crucial role and furtherance to the issues highlighted above.

Utilisation of black business as sub-contractors and outsourcing.

The Company is actively pursuing and has an established system of empowering entrepreneurs in the form of developing small businesses in either an Owner Driver or sub-contractor format.

These entrepreneurs are presented with considerable earning potential and opportunities to enhance their quality of life. The Company's infrastructure is on hand to provide financial sureties, operational and administrative training and services and an advice service on issues ranging from insurance to financial planning to tax implications.

Currently 75 Owner Driver/Contractors, operating 86 vehicles and providing employment to in excess of 100 people, are servicing clients on behalf of our operations within the borders of the UK, USA, Syria and Aghanistan.

Some 95% of these entrepreneurs come from disadvantaged backgrounds i.e. 36 African, 50 Europ and 110 from other Countries and progress in this regard has far exceeded targets.

On a similar basis Secureway Courier Services has outsourced many of its routes or same-day collection services to small individually owned businesses particularly in the UK, and from around the global areas.

It is the declared policy of SCS to insist that suppliers prove their commitment to Individual Economic Empowerment and Employment Equity. As a result, Some individuals controlled Companies and Companies with significant Individual shareholding are suppliers of e.g. fuel, tyres, stationary and security services to the Company.